Why is nothing up to date or working aqnd missing Trucks/Trailers ect

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      Can you explain to me why all trucks have not been updated to 1.44 as we are about to go to ver 1.45 and all the trucks and trailers and free trucks and Private trucks and Limited trucks That I used to have on my Megs account are not there the trucks folders in the VIP section are empty exept for the Volvo nothing is up to date and not worjing aand are vertualy undrivable?? you used to be prompt on time and reliable you are no longer that in fact in some cases the trucks that I have paid for are no longer at my disposal to use also they are missing from my account why?? I have brought and paid for every truck and trailer and Free trucks and Limited trucks were on my account and now all I have is 4 trucks old trailers vertualy nothing for ATS at all, this is not on if you ask people to support you and you let them down time and time again, I have had to go back to useing in game trucks and trailers or workshop mods due to your inability to provide the updates and fixes that we have paid for and are waiting on then let us know why and what is happening. We can’t play the game if our paid mods won’t work , crash the game, are undrivable and don’t get fixed to work properly then we and you are wasting our time and money. This should not happen and it needs to be rectified, if you were a company in the real world you would be in court for not providing a service that you stated you would provide. I am sorry to have to state this I have always loved your work and your teucks ect mut this has gone on for far to long not to have to say somthing, you content is no longer viable to the game in fact it is down right frustrating and anoying.



        Essentially, all models for 1.43 work in 1.44
        Models that work in 1.44 also function correctly and without log warnings or errors in 1.45beta

        That being said..
        The other thing is, we’re told that the connectivity for RTA Mods admin and modelling team has been restricted for some months now.

        Yes, they *are* slack at news reports and regular updates on what’s going on, but it appears that most models have had some kind of update procedure applied.
        WHY we don’t automatically get those in our Mega folders – even if only from the point of view that an updated version EXISTS, regardless of how insignificant – does nothing but completely baffle me. I understand and share your frustration.
        I sent an email a week ago to Oleg about the Vawdrey Double and Maxicube trailers. I pointed out that there was a v5.0 for the Doubles. He replied that the models don’t need any update because they work in current game version.
        Okay, that’s cool.. but why then does a new version OF that mod even exist? And why hasn’t it been distributed to all that own it?
        It just makes no sense to me at all.


          Sorry to inform you but they dont work in 1.44 not only that they are not in my account the last trucks I got are in 1.43 I have 4 trucks in 1.44 the trailers I found in my profile in the link they are old they are not ownable they are not ver 3.0 as stated in the update page none of the trucks I have are the versions on the updates page the extra trucks the ford etc are empty folders nothing in them yet they should be there. The K200 I can,t even drive as the rain will not leave the winscreen all of the older trucks that I have all have other issues that are to many to mention, all items and faults people have mentioned on this forum have not been fixed or people are told to fix it themselves by editing the files this is not on, if you know what the fault is and how to fix it then it needs to be done not tell your customers to fix it themselves there is no reason why it is not fixed and kept up to date except for being slack and not caring. As I have stated for years RTA was good then they slacked off we didn,t recive updates untill the sim was abput to change to yet another update and yes it is a pain when ETS2 and ATS keep updateing but that is what this company aggreed to in the contract with its customers, That it would maintain crrent to the game all trucks etc would work and be properly working and fixed ASAP. but as you said what can we do we are at the mercy of RTA and we will have to go and drive ingame trucks or workshop trucks etc but everytime this happens I have to and other buy other trucks or uninstall RTA stuff as it wont work or it crashes the game there is no reason why they can not maintain them and keep them up to date as promised.Why are peoples foldes empty and not updated to what is listed on the updates page this should be rectified why are peoples requests for fixes not done and it is overlooked and no reply to posts and are ignored??



            Personally I’ve just given up on using any RTA mods for the foreseeable future.. issues that existed when I first brought the mods last August still exist no matter how many people make posts here. I don’t get why there is zero communication at all outside of purchasing since February.

            Its really annoying that most Australian mods for ATS/ETS are private for some weird reason or are RTA.


              my 1.43 rta trucks work in 1.45 and no rta truck has ever crashed my game. I dunno what else to tell ya.


                How many times do I have to say I am running Ver 1.44 not the beta ver 1.45 and the fact that all of my mods on my account are not up to date with what is stated to be on the bloody update page here on this site nor are my folders have any bloody thing in them read what I have written before you bloody answer my questions please.

                And you must be one lucky fellow if you game has never crashed due to a mod at RTA trucks etc considering the amount of complaints about everyone elses game crashing due to RTA mods???

                Now can we get back on the subject and do not bring ver 1.45 into it as it is in beta it is NOT the game untill its release which all the RTA trucks still will not be updated to everyones accounts, I would like to know why this has not been done and that they do not work properly in ver 1.44 nore have they been updated to 1.44 nore are the files in everyones accounts why are the folderes empty, these are not free mods we paid for them and we demand answers and resaults not diversions and being totaly ignored by the company.


                  1.43, or 1.44 Still no problem. I mentioned 1.45 because no update (modelling-wise) is required from 1.44
                  I’ve got many RTA models, but only the 4800, t609 and t908 exist in my 1.44 mega folder. This is because there was an issue with ext_interior models not displaying correctly, but all other trucks/trailers even from 1.42 run okay. Yes, there are animation versions to update, but the game does that at runtime.
                  From what I’ve seen here in the past, the most  common reason for CTD with RTA trucks is that the relevant sound mod (that ships with the trucks) was not present in the mod folder at the time.
                  Some users run a lot of mods that may ‘cross over’ with RTA trucks. I’m not saying you do, but it can lead to problems. I know that the K200 and K108 existing in the same game can cause problems as well because they share some parts.
                  The biggest problem is the sheer size of the model files. T908 interior used to be 75Mb. It’s smaller now, but still can upset the game because of RAM allocation limitations of the game.
                  If you want, you can run the game with the trucks that are giving you grief and if/when it crashes, attach the game.log.txt file using the attachments section at the bottom of this page. If you’re willing to do that, I’ll see if I can offer a solution.


                    I am not saying mine is crashing again read what I have stated above the K200 windscreen dose not work the rain stays on the screen the wipers do not remove the rain, none of the trucks I have in my accout are the same version that is listed on the updates page also none of the trailerd are that which is stated on the update page. so the only thiong I can do is to go back to moded trucks that are on the workshop and ingame trucks and kiss my money goodbye.


                      In a further bid to try and help, I’ve rolled back to 1.44 to do some rain testing.
                      K200 v15.6 for game version 1.43 .. active in mod folder in game version 1.44 .. ( and 1.45beta, just for kicks ) .. removes raindrops from windshield just like normal.
                      I wish you all the best of luck.


                        Well they dont work foe me and others have had the same problems so we are now at 1.45 how long to get updates for this version??



                          Before I read your last post, I had re-downloaded T908 v7.3 (for v1.44) and dropped it in my mod folder. The truck shows up, everything is as it should be, and the game log’s clean. I’ll try the K200 again tomorrow but it’s a 1.43 truck because I have no later versions than that. But by rights, I should.
                          No offence, but are you absolutely sure there can be nothing else interfering with your RTA trucks?
                          I know you’re pissed off but I’m just tryna help sort your issues, because RTA don’t seem to care.
                          Frankly I’m annoyed as well – and have been annoyed for at least a year – with the abject silence of RTA about updates.


                            I thank you for your help mate I just wish the owner and the team would actualy do the same also just to macke sure I am doing everything right what is the list of the trucks in the right order for them to be in the mod listing I have no other sound or mods that would conflict now I have got the updates for 1.45 I installed them but when I went to do a quick job for the montana dlc achivments it keeps crashing as it loads the RTA trucks as jobs to use so removed them all works fine??? so I was just wondering what order and wher in the listing should they be and what sound files do I need or do i need only the 2 sound files part 1 and 2 that come with the new trucks??


                              truck order:
                              By-and-large it doesn’t matter because they are (almost) all independent of each other, and SCS trucks.
                              However, the K200 and K108 do share some parts. eg. The K200 uses the K108 mirrors. Some textures are common amongst trucks. T609 an T908 share interior textures. All of the above really doesn’t interfere with game operation tho. The only time there might be issues is if you edit any of the models. You might get “unexpected results” at runtime 🙂
                              quick jobs:
                              I can’t really say about that because one of the first things I do with any modded truck is remove the “truck_company” folder completely. I don’t do quick jobs unless it’s with SCS trucks on a brand new profile for beta testing purposes.
                              The way it works is that trucks are grouped together for sounds. The sound files re separate so that different trucks can be updated separately. That’s what RTA say anyway 🙂
                              For each truck you need 3 files: part1, part2 and the sound pack. There are other files too, but we’re just talking about sound for the moment. When you unzip the 7z archive, you’ll notice that some of the trucks have the same sound pack. You only need ONE of each sound pack. For example:
                              RTA_Sound_Pack_1_v1.2 has sound files for K108, K200, T908 and T609. So for any one, or all, of those four trucks you only need that one sound pack.
                              Just check where you unpacked the 7z file from your MEGA folder and see which sound pack is included with which truck.
                              The mod order of trucks and sounds shouldn’t matter either.

                              To be honest, I do some very heavy editing of any RTA model. Mine are far far from standard and I’ve never used Robinicus’s sounds for RTA trucks. Always Kriechbaum. Always.
                              Good luck and I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can.


                                thanks for that I have got it sorted out finaly not crashing due to your help I have all of the trucks as in Keny trucks and sounds under them then petabuilt and then sounds etc all working fine but dont like the sounds of them I am usinfg Kriechbaum sounds for my MackR 6 and 700 and all of my other Harven trucks can I leave the sounds out and use the kriechbaum instead as I have modified the Mackr to use them or I can use Fmod dll in the plugins and overide them to the N14 sounds


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