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You do not need to pay a subscription every month. We only charge a one-time payment and after receiving the files, you can immediately cancel the subscription.

1) Go to the page


2) Choose 1 trucks for 1 game or ATS+ETS2 subscription and pay

3) Write which truck and for which game you have chosen

4) You will be sent an email with a link to your email (After payment you will be sent a file to your email address, it may take from 10 minutes to a day)

5) Click on unsubscribe

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After your payment has been received a personalized link to your purchased file/s will be sent to the email address associated with your account.

This process may take from 10 minutes up to one day, depending on the time at which you make your purchase.

Please note, if you want to change the email address to which your files and updates are sent, you will need to notify us of this via our email address: administrator@rta-mods.com

When you first purchase a product from RTA Mods you will be allocated a unique User ID Code which will be encoded into each mod that you purchase as part of the RTA Mods Copy Protection System.

Your unique copy of each mod is manually prepared for you once your order is processed. The amount of time it takes to prepare your mods can vary based upon the time at which you place your order, your location and the number of orders being processed at the time. However, we will always endeavour to process your order as quickly as is possible within our local business hours.

This system provides us the ability to individually track & trace any mod back to the original purchaser of each RTA Mod. Under the RTA Mods Copy Protection System, if any RTA Mod is transferred to an unauthorized user, or made available to others via the internet (or any other means of file sharing), the individual user who purchased that copy of the RTA Mod will be identified via their unique User ID Code and all RTA Mods products will be removed from their account and they will be blocked from the RTA Store and will not be able to receive any future updates.

If you haven't received an email with your download links within 24 hours, firstly please check in your email Spam Folder.

If it is not in your Spam Folder then please contact us so that we can confirm that we have your correct email address and ensure that there are no other delivery problems.

Installing the mod

STEP 1: We will send you an email containing a unique download link for your personalized RTA Mod. You will need to click on this link to download the file to your computer.

All RTA Mods files are compressed in the .7z format and will be named as:


For example: [YOUR_NAME]_ATS_RTA_Mods_KW-T908_v7.0.7z

STEP 2: Once you have downloaded the mod to your computer you will need to decompress/extract the file using the free utility tool "7-Zip" which you can download from http://www.7-zip.org

STEP 3: Once you have extracted the downloaded file it will contain all required parts for the RTA Mod. In the case of truck mods this will be three(3) parts, comprising (1) Truck Part 1.scs, (2) Truck Part 2.scs and (3) the RTA Sound Pack.scs for that truck. For Example: The download file/archive [Your_Name]_ATS_RTA-Mods_KW-T908_v7.0.7z would contain the following three parts after extraction:




You will need to copy all three .scs files into your ATS or ETS folder which you will find in the following locations:

For ATS at:

my Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod(folder)

For ETS at:

my Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod(folder)

NOTE: Under Windows 10 the "my Documents" folder is simply named "Documents" under your user name.

STEP 4: After you have copied all mod parts to the correct folder per STEP 3, you will need to launch ATS/ETS and enter the Mod Manager screen in game, and activate all parts of the mod to make the mod available in the simulator.

STEP 5: Go into the simulator and go to the respective truck dealership and purchase your new RTA Mods truck.

Answers on questions

Yes, all materials and textures are in part1
We understand that you may have more than one computer on which you run American Truck Simulator and/or Euro Truck Simulator. Therefore, under the terms of use, we allow you to install the RTA Mod that you purchased onto up to three(3) computers within your own household.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Under the RTA Mods Copy Protection System, if any RTA Mod is transferred to an unauthorized user, or made available to others via the internet (or any other means of file sharing), the individual user who purchased that copy of the RTA Mod will be identified via their unique User ID Code and all RTA Mods products will be removed from their account and they will be blocked from further purchases from the RTA Store and will not receive any future updates.

This is vigorously and extensively policed and will be treated with a "Zero-Tolerance" policy!

Once you purchase a mod from RTA Mods we will provide you with future updates for that mod free of charge.

As you know, SCS Software are regularly updating both American Truck Simulator (ATS) & Euro Truck Simulator (ETS) and adding new features and functionality to these simulators.

Unfortunately, sometimes these SCS updates will change something which the truck and/or trailer mods depend upon to function correctly, and this can result in those mods not working correctly and sometimes can even cause game crashes.

Therefore, our first priority in updating RTA Mods is to make sure that all of our mods continue to work fully and correctly on the latest (Non-Beta) version of the game. As such, when an SCS Software update causes problems with our mods, our primary focus will be the adapting of our mods to accommodate the changes in the SCS Software updates to ATS/ETS, in order to ensure that all of our mods continue to work correctly as soon as possible. These "compatibility" updates generally will only include changes to the base mod necessary to make them compatible with the SCS update, however, if we had already prepared some small upgrades which have been thoroughly beta tested then these may be included in the compatibility updates.

During the periods when ATS/ETS are in stable release, and after all existing RTA Mods have been updated and are also stable under the current game versions, this is when we are able to concentrate our ongoing effort and time on the creation of additional features and functionality for our existing mods and the development of new mods.

These upgrades may include anything from small additional options right up to major additional features such as major model changes and additional chassis and/or cab configurations, which will be reflected in the mod version numbering.

For example, compatibility updates and minor additional feature updates will generally be a point (X.x) version update, such as v6.7 to v6.8, whereas a major model change or significant chassis/cab upgrade would usually be numbered as a full version update step such as V6.8 to V7.0.

As an example of this, if you have a truck that is currently at a point version such as Kenworth T908 v6.6 and you see that there is an update named Kenworth T908 v7.0, that would mean that the T908 has had the truck model changed and/or major new parts added to it, such as new cab/s and/or a new chassis for example.

There are a range of ways to easily access support for RTA Mods:

You can refer to our extensive support forum to see if there are already answers to your questions, and if you can't find the specific answer that you are looking for you may create a new post detailing your issue.

The RTA Team are regularly on the forum to provide answers and solutions, plus we also have a large community of long term users from around the world with extensive experience with RTA mods who will be happy to assist you wherever possible.

Alternatively you can access support, helpful discussions and news via our FaceBook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/RTA.Mods/

If you require further specific assistance you can also contact RTA Mods directly via Personal Message through your RTA Mods User Account, or email directly to:


At RTA Mods we are committed to the development of custom-made mods of the highest possible detail and quality, and this is reflected in all of our truck and trailer models.

Thorough and rigorous testing is of paramount importance to ensure that all of our products meet our stringent quality standards for accuracy, detail, customisation flexibility, functionality and reliability.

In the early years we realised that, as a relatively small team, we didn't have the internal resources to enable us to test all models as deeply as we wanted. As a result of this, since 2016 we have been continually developing and refining our production and testing processes to the point that we now have a team of 12 highly experienced testers who bring a wide range of experience and expertise from various backgrounds including ATS/ETS, Unity, Unreal Engine, flight simulation and various other simulation & gaming environments, and all have a very deep knowledge and understanding of the RTA Mods. This dedicated team of testers have become great friends to the RTA Team through our shared vision and interests, and a common belief in the pursuit of excellence in all that we create.

About the team

Oleg has always had a passion for gaming and a particular interest in simulators, especially with the release of "Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel" which quickly developed a large fan base of truck lovers who enjoyed spending their free time honing their skills at the wheel of these virtual heavy haulers.

Some of these fans started looking for ways to improve and add to their truck simulation experience, which led to the formation of the early interest groups where people could share ideas and knowledge.

In 2015 Oleg created one such group on Facebook, which has grown over the years to become what RTA Mods is today.

Since those beginnings in 2015 others have joined the RTA Team, bringing with them a diverse range of experience and technical skills, ranging from 3D graphics and animation skills, programming, design and real world truck driving.

The RTA team are all enthusiasts of trucks and trucking simulation, and so, naturally, we are all huge fans of Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator. We all bring this passion to all of our work which is reflected in the high quality and minute detailing that is found in all of our truck and trailer add-ons.

But this is only part of the story, as RTA Mods is not just a development team, RTA is in fact a huge world-wide community of like-minded fans who share our passions, many of whom contribute a great deal to this terrific RTA community!

For many years, we have heard discussions about the license and the accusation of our team that we cannot use someone else's brand and make mods, let alone sell them.

We answered these accusations for many years, but people pretended not to hear and spoke again and again.

In 2015, when we released the first mod, we sent a letter to the manufacturer of this brand and notified them that we were creating mods for games and gave all the contact details for our team. So that this company could consider more closely our work, make a decision and inform us on the contact details from our letter. We have sent such letters for all brands that we use in our modifications

in 2017, when we updated the site and forum, we sent re-emails to the companies to look in more detail at the photos, videos and our site.

An example of a letter in the screenshot

If you haven't thought about it:

Our team is a public team that has been creating mods for the ATS / ETS2 game for over 6 years. We not only sell models, but also donate our models to people!

All contact information is available on the website, forum, Facebook group, etc.

RTA Mods creates highly detailed models and they are a realistic COPY of a real truck. 3D model is developed by our 3D artists from photos that are available on the Internet. We did not steal these photos, we do not disgrace the brand with poor quality of the model, we do not distort the reality of the model and do not we do no harm to the brand.

Moreover, we advertise their models and give all fans of this brand the opportunity to look at the truck and enjoy in the game the quality of the truck's detail, which was developed by the company's engineers many years ago.

In our team, each member is a fan of a certain brand.

Many may notice that the number of Kenworth brand we have the most. Oleg is a fan of this brand and he does what he likes the most.

when Evelin Sophie worked with us, because of her love for the Renault T, this model was constantly refined. Her fanaticism and love for this truck did not give rest to the team ...

Michael is a fan of Peterbilt and Mack etc

RTA Mods are always open to dialogue with any person and any company. If you believe that your rights are being violated on this site, write to us about it in any way convenient for you.

Many people asked what would happen if the company banned the use of its logos in mods?

1) If such a ban is made, it will affect 3D models on all known sites and throughout the modding community.

2) RTA Mods will remove all marks of this brand from its 3D models if requested to do so.

3) 3D models are not the property of the brand, but are our own development. We will change the name of the truck to whatever our team chooses to replace the brand. All models will become like on a well-known brand, but will not be a brand of this company. If you don't know examples of such a transformation, you can find it in the history of the game.

4) Those models that were developed by other authors were custom made or licensed by TurboSquid.

The simplest comparison:

Why do we pay for food, buy cars, clothes, pay for education, travel, gasoline and diesel, buy equipment and houses, why do we pay to play?

Probably because in our world you have to pay for any work, all team members have to pay bills and support their families.

You are reading this text on a site that you have to pay for every month. This site consists of many paid plugins, this page template is paid, https requires annual payment, WordPress platform is paid ...

RTA Mods - Can't afford to produce models with advertising or donations.

To make models, you need to use many programs such as 3d max, zmodeler, photoshop, etc.

All these programs are paid. Mega is paid every month It may surprise you, but for some models we also use paid textures. Computers need to be bought too ...

One model requires 2 to 4 months of work for our entire team

If you have experience in 3D modeling, you can create textures, sounds, customize models in the game and want to work for free, we are ready to take you on the team. With your help, we will create a new truck and give it to everyone

What is the difference between a subscription and a sale, except for the name?

A subscription is the same sale, only with paid updates. If you want to pay and not receive an update for free, we will make a subscription especially for you.

Many people have made and are making donations.

Basically, these are regular customers who have all the mods and so they thank the team for the new update. Thanks to these people, all the models are updated. Gifts are sent to people with disabilities, families with many children, low-income people.

You probably did not think that if we start making trucks for a donation, then we will not have any obligations to you.

If today there are no donations, tomorrow the mega will be disabled, after tomorrow the site, and in a month, only the logo in the history of Google cache will remain from the team? We will just stop updating the models and do something else.

How many groups in the modding community have ceased to exist that made mods for donations?

The existence of a team for donations is impossible.(Many make a mod and indicate the desired amount to be paid in donation. Isn't this a sale? donation is any amount at the discretion of the person, and not what the author recommends.)

RTA Mods is not a fully recouped product and requires additional funding for 10-30% from our other projects.

RTA employs only truck fans.

who are not interested in this game, work on other projects in SPARTA or are freelance artists and do part of the work that they are interested in

We are not the developers of this game and it is not up to us to decide what to change in the game. We can add a truck or trailer, change or add small details to the mod, thus making it more interesting for us and other fans of the game. Thanks to moding, the game does not lose its relevance for many years and is interesting to people. I would like to see in the game more small details, detail and increase the maps to real scales. That would be great.
Yes, of course we do.

These are mainly minor jobs such as bumpers, grilles, headlights, fenders ...

We made LIMITED EDITION trucks and trailers, but this is a difficult and not profitable process.

We even created several trucks in 1 specimen.

There are a lot of good specialists in the modding community who you can safely invite or just work on interesting projects.

Even if the game becomes perfect, people will always change and customize something to their taste.

We communicate with many people and groups and it is difficult to name one or several names, it will most likely be a long list.

Many people write that RTA uses turbosquid models and does not develop its own models. It is likely that someone benefits from misleading people and not telling the truth.

From 2015 to 2016 we used models from jekich with a turbosquid , these are European trucks without interiors and trailers, we designed interiors and created a mod for the game. All truck models were redesigned by our team and there is not a single truck that was added to the game in this form , in which it was purchased from the author. They were intended for rendering, had 1 cockpit option, no interiors and were not suitable for the game.

From 2016 to 2017, custom-made models for RTA were created. This is an individual work of several authors who were part of the RTA team and cost dozens of times more than turbosquid models.

from 2017 to 2020, all models were made by one author and the models are Oleg's own development from creating an external model with an interior to creating textures for dachboard panels

from 2015 to 2020, the total number of models that we added to the game is 35 pcs - turbosquid models in the game are 12

Many of these trucks and trailers have long been discontinued or sent as gifts to our regular customers.

information about all authors is in mod_description

We understand that many people want to somehow justify their actions and create a negative opinion as much as possible. Be fair in your statements, because this is a play on words and nothing more. You can spend 5-10 minutes in Google to find all the information and compare this answer with reality.

It is very difficult to answer this question on the faq page, it probably requires a more detailed description.

Now I can answer you this way: As long as the ATS / ETS2 game exists and the RTA has obligations to all clients who are waiting for the update, there can be no talk about creating your own game. You can talk for a long time about human ambitions, about what many want to do your own, and not support someone else's games. But this is relevant until the moment when one's own interests and ambitions do not intersect with obligations to RTA clients.

The commitment of the team is free updates for all mods that went on sale in the RTA Mods store and as long as the game supports mods and there is access to the implementation of updates. The only reason we can start developing our own game is to block mods in ATS / ETS2 games

It is difficult to answer a question that does not contain an example of negative reviews. The reasons can be many, from team mistakes to selfish actions of the people who write these reviews.

In any case, you need to understand that the actions of one person can add up to the overall impression of the entire RTA team.

If you work in a team and make a mistake, is it fair to discuss the whole team? It might be worth discussing human actions, this is a fairer decision. But if the goal is not to solve the problem, but the goal is to discuss the whole team to achieve their interests.

The game will always require improvement. And the reason is not in the game, but in relation to people who constantly do not like something and who demand something new and different. Even if it becomes perfect, there will still be dissatisfied. I don’t think the game is boring. It was not boring to have a rest after a working day, having made 1-2 trips, as 5 years ago and now.