How can i update my trucks, if i did not have an account?

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      Hi guys,

      In 2019 i bought a couple of trucks from you guys, and the genius that i was did not make an account (i still have all the emails with the purchases).

      N0w i made an account but off course the previous purchases are not linked to it..

      All i want is to be able to update the trucks that i bought (Pete 359 , Mack Superliner, K108 & T-908), because i started playing again, and i really enjoyed your mods.

      Much appreciated if someone can help me with this.



        Updates will be added to your game folder 1.40-1.42


          Hi, I have the same question and don’t understand this reply?  I bought in 2018.  Just trying to get my game updated to try and play again.  None of the links on this site seem to work for me except a few at the very top of the page.  The FAQ made me more confused then I was before I created the account tonight.  Any help to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated, thankyou!


            I have  the same problem, trucks I purchased years ago aren’t on the update page for me, a few are like the k200 and maxicube trailer but I have previously purchased the k108 and t908 before


              Just send email to and explain what has heppened.

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