Peterbilt 379 ATS

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Peterbilt 379 ATS


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Peterbilt 379 v1.7 LHD ATS updated to version 1.46х 

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Peterbilt 379 v1.7 LHD ATS updated to version 1.46х 

1) option for all customers
Includes USA version, Australian version. 3.0 will add custom version
from version 1.0 to 1.9 USA version
from version 2.0 to 2.9 Australian version
in version 3.0 adding a custom version
(custom version – this will be a separate mod that will be shipped with the 3.0 update)

Full description – Peterbilt-379

STEP 1: We will send you an email containing a unique download link for your personalized RTA Mod. You will need to click on this link to download the file to your computer.All RTA Mods files are compressed in the .7z format and will be named as:


For example: [YOUR_NAME]_ATS_RTA_Mods_KW-T908_v7.0.7z

STEP 2: Once you have downloaded the mod to your computer you will need to decompress/extract the file using the free utility tool “7-Zip” which you can download from

STEP 3: Once you have extracted the downloaded file it will contain all required parts for the RTA Mod. In the case of truck mods this will be three(3) parts, comprising (1) Truck Part 1.scs, (2) Truck Part 2.scs and (3) the RTA Sound Pack.scs for that truck. For Example: The download file/archive [Your_Name]_ATS_RTA-Mods_KW-T908_v7.0.7z would contain the following three parts after extraction:




You will need to copy all three .scs files into your ATS or ETS folder which you will find in the following locations:

For ATS at:

my Documents/American Truck Simulator/mod(folder)

For ETS at:

my Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod(folder)

NOTE: Under Windows 10 the “my Documents” folder is simply named “Documents” under your user name.

STEP 4: After you have copied all mod parts to the correct folder per STEP 3, you will need to launch ATS/ETS and enter the Mod Manager screen in game, and activate all parts of the mod to make the mod available in the simulator.

STEP 5: Go into the simulator and go to the respective truck dealership and purchase your new RTA Mods truck.

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